How should I prepare for Removal Day?

If you think we are going to be pushed for time please get your items in advance as close to the exit as possible without blocking your way through, please try to keep the items in the order they will need to be loaded into the van, this is:

1st – Furniture. We will want to pack and cover larger square furniture (appliances, chest of draws, tables etc) in the vehicle to begin with and fill the gaps with boxes or bags

2nd. Closed boxes & Suitcases (boxed sized objects).

3rd. Bags & holdalls.

4th. Awkward Items (Mirrors, Frames, ironing boards, flat packed items, standing lamps, cushions etc)

How should I pay for my removal?

Usually on larger jobs we will have taken a cheque or bank transfer as a deposit. Balances for removals or full removal costs are in almost all cases to be paid to the men doing the removal at the end of the job in cash. The full amount can be receipted at this point. With regular customers or agreed circumstances we can occasionally take a cheque for remaining balances.

Do the removal men stop for lunch?

We generally with most moves work through. We will have packed lunch or will stop locally and buy lunch, and on most occasions eat on the move as we are driving between jobs. Generally we like to prioritise getting the job done above taking lengthy lunch breaks. If for some reason we do stop for lunch it is never charged for. On for example a day booking, if we stopped for a half hour we would add the time on at the end. The offer of cold drinks during the course of the move is often appreciated as the work is very draining.

Should I seal the boxes?

Please tape the bottom of the boxes. With little or no tape underneath they are hard to lift and the contents can be easily damaged. Please close and seal all of your boxes, boxes left open with items protruding are awkward and can be dangerous. If an item will not fit in a box please do not try to squeeze it in, bubble wrap it separately.

How much should I pack in a box?

Please do not overload your boxes, if they are too heavy for you to lift then they are probably heavy for our men to lift. If boxes are very big put some books in the bottom as a solid base and fill the majority with cloths or material objects so it is not too heavy. Smaller boxes tend to be better for heavy or fragile things. With heavy items they are easier to lift and with fragile items there is less in a box which reduces the chance of damage.

Is it okay to use black plastic bags?

If possible try to use suitcases, rucksacks and other items of luggage to pack clothes etc, these are preferable to black plastic bags which but if you do have to use sacks try to use top quality bags or even garden refuse bags which are very thick and wont tear when lifted.

What about Parking?

Always ensure that there is parking available outside of your premises on the day, this may mean talking to your neighbours in advance of the move and checking that they will move if necessary. If you have meters or permit parking, make sure you have plenty of change or the required permit available to hand. Parking can also be suspended by the local council in very busy areas. Don’t hesitate to call for details on how this is done. We will usually require two spaces to be reserved due to the size of the vehicle and they will need relevant registration number to reserve the bay

How can we keep things moving smoothly?

It is also a good idea to ensure that all doors, stairs, lifts and hallways are clear of obstructions. This will create a steady flow from the room to the vehicle. If a property has lots of doors which close please have door stops to hand.

Television sets?

Old type boxy telly’s are fine as they come. Please ensure cables are wrapped up and out the way to make lifting easier. New flat screen TV’s should be protected. The original box is best. Otherwise a cardboard sleeve over the screen is a second option. Failing that we have countless blankets and straps and can do our best but if the customer has done the packing it is their responsibility to make sure it is suitably protected otherwise we cannot claim on our insurance should there be a problem.

Preparing Fridges and Freezers for the move?

Try not to buy any fridge or freezer food for at least two weeks before you are due to move, so nothing goes to waste, remember to defrost and drain at least 48hours before the move, appliances must be dry. We will try and keep these items as upright as possible but they really should be left to settle for at least 24 hrs once put in their new position before being switched on again.

What about Beds?

If your bed can be dismantled please ensure this is done prior to your move, unless you have asked us to do this before us getting to you.

What about Flat Pack Furniture?

We offer a service whereby we can disassemble and reassemble flat pack furniture. Please tell us if you require this service before removal commences. Otherwise dismantle self assembly furniture in advance and tape smaller pieces together to stop them sliding around and separating during transit. Remember to put all nuts and bolts in a jiffy bag and preferably tape it to the item it came from.

Pictures and Lamps?

Pictures should be wrapped in bubble wrap or a cardboard sleeve to protect them in transit. Lamps should have the shades and bulbs removed and if breakable have protection around them. If for example the lamp base is fragile and made of china it should be wrapped in bubble wrap or secured in a box

What happens if I am not happy with the service I have received?

We are an established and recommended local company. Providing a good service is very important to us. I would please urge that if you have any concerns to contact John Baxter on the office number and we will try and rectify the problem or resolve any dispute.

Are my contents fully insured?

We are fully insured in any of our vehicles for a load up to £10,000. Please ensure if you are doing the packing items are adequately protected. Sealed boxes, breakables wrapped in newspaper, pictures wrapped etc. Otherwise we cannot take any responsibility for breakages.

What happens if something is broken?

If an item is broken and is the responsibility of man and van Sussex we will firstly apologise, then work with the customer to resolve the situation. This may be in the form of a discount from the job or a cheque issued to cover the cost of repair or replacement. This situation is very unusual and we have not had a situation where both parties have not been happy with the outcome of an accident.